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The Starter Plan is great for getting started and writing shorter form content. The Pro Plan is perfect for those who want to grow without limits, write longer form content, and create unlimited amounts of content! Watch the video for a full breakdown.

Our customers love GaryAI…


GaryAI has helped me produce incredible content faster than I ever could have on my own!

Tried Gary out of curiosity & a love for tech… staying because WOW. In the first 3 weeks I have written about 4,000 words of ad copy, 10,000 words of articles, and last weekend was able to rewrite all of our landing page copy that is is now published. On top of the sheer volume, I am amazed at the quality.

Mellanie Bennett



Game changer for marketers

This app is amazing! As a marketer, I can definitely say that this will save me a lot of time coming up with fresh content. I give it some basic ideas and it spits out straight fire!

Carlos Mendez

Head of Marketing


More than 10x faster tbh!!

If you’re struggling to get started with your website copy, GaryAI can help you get it done in just a few days. I was able to finish a new client project in just two days with GaryAI, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily it can be done..

Heather Ellis



If you’re serious about saving time, this is a must.

I have a million things to do. And I kinda hate creating content to be honest. This thing saves me such much time and makes my creating content way easier. Every week I put a little Spotify on and create our content for the week with Gary!

Bryan Allen



My whole month of content in about 10 minutes.

I just created enough tweets for our brands monthly calendar in about ten minutes. If you’re still creating content without this in 2022 you’re insane

Wyatt Simpson

Organic Social Manager


The best AI tool I’ve tried.

I work for an agency and we have high expectations on copy quality. I gave up on the other AI tools because the quality was crap. This is different. This thing actually produces work thats comparable to mine, and I’m a professional. Awesome product.

Heather Ellis



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